alexisafuck said: Hey! So I bought my big a shirt that has her monogram and its says big on it and I got a matching one with little. Do you think that it's appropriate for littles to get there big gifts?

Yes definitely!

A video of my sorority’s Mock Rock for this year. I’d love to see any of your organization’s Mock Rocks! Send me links!

Anonymous said: So our new member process for the new girls started already and the battle is on for potential bigs to find a little but there is one BIG problem! There are ten new babies and 20 girls up for bids! this is literally going to be a battle! How do I get myself out there in order for me to be matched with the one I want?

For lack of a better phrase, pick your prey!! Every time I’ve been up to get a little I would decide which new member is most¬†compatible¬†with me and then I would only focus on her. Giving her your complete attention will make her really see that you’ll be there for her!

Anyone have any words of advice??

awestruks said: Please post more!!! I love your posts! I'm in a local sorority in california. <3

Will do!